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Homemade Deodorant Powder With Herbs And Essential Oils
M.H. Dyer began her writing career as a staff writer at a community newspaper and is now a full-time commercial writer. I had a rash and it hurt, so that is why I made this new recipe with less baking soda in it. For me, it is just the right amount; It helps with odor, doesn`t hurt at all and my underarms are not red. If it`s still soft, try re-melting the deodorant and adding an extra tsp of beeswax.
This brand is a great option to purchase to try out a similar style of deodorant, however, this one can make you (or maybe your spouse) rashy due to the baking soda content so keep that in mind! After applying it, it has some grainy\" feel..should be the residue of baking soda. According to many using your standard store bought sick of deodorant raises some health concerns. I suggest that everyone buy the best organic virgin coconut oil you can afford and use it for cooking, too.
I had tried the crystal, which did nothing for me. I didn`t have all the ingredients, but I mixed up the coconut oil and baking soda and it really worked! So even if you`re currently at your ideal weight and have great skin and oral health, there are still significant reasons you should consider consuming coconut oil on a daily basis. One important thing to remember is there will be some adjustment if you`re switching from an antiperspirant to this homemade recipe-because this isn`t an antiperspirant! He won`t let me make him his own deodorant yet, but maybe if I make it smell like bacon…. Try using any essential oil scent you like, but pick something that smells good mixed with coconut—the coconut oil contributes scent, too. Some brands of coconut oil I like are from Trader Joe`s, Aldi, Tropical Traditions, Nutiva, Spectrum, and Nature`s Way. I found an article by Dr. Christine Farlow, outlining the 7 ingredients that you should avoid in your deodorant.
I love your magnesium body butter but it too doesn`t get hard enough to work like a store bought solid. A spray is easiest to apply under the arms as well as on your feet, while a stick works best for armpits only. I followed this recipe (minus the baking soda as I have sensitive skin) I put into deodorant containers however once firm I cannot twist the stick up. Has anyone had the problem. Melt together 1 T. coconut oil, 2 T. shea butter, and 2 T. beeswax in microwave-safe bowl. First, we should all be on the same page about what the difference is between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant.
Final step, when I ran out of all things Burt`s Bees and had to start making a unisex deodorant: I dissolved the crystal (now I just use potassium alum powder directly) in mint water, added guar gum to thicken it and stuck it in a roll-on tube. On top of that, deodorant is used on the arm pits which contain lymph nodes, making this an extra sensitive area for us when it comes to absorbing toxic materials. Mountain Rose Herbs has both bulk beeswax and beeswax pellets, and Amazon has beeswax as well. For lack of a deodorant tube, I think a small batch in a lip balm tube will be a good experiment. Put the solution in a water bottle and spray it on with your regular deodorant every day. Make a body spray for men with cedar, rosemary, eucalyptus or sandalwood essential oils.
I`m calling this a ‘flower power` spray because the essential oil blend is a mixture of my favorite florals - jasmine and rose - with a bit of lavender and orange. Mix equal parts baking soda and either arrowroot powder or GMO-free cornstarch. The other scent options — lavender and tea tree oil — don`t score as well in the Environmental Working Group`s database because of the fragrance ingredients used. Consider complementing the patchouli with cedarwood, also sold in essential oil form. Homemade perfume with essential oils is an ideal signature fragrance recipe idea for women.
I`m not sure if it is exactly what you use, because it was the almond oil out of my baking supply, I used about 10 drops and it smells amazing. I use a similar recipe (baking soda, coconut oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter) and it works great - it won`t stop you from sweating, but it will stop you from smelling!
Coconut Oil is fantastically moisturizing and nourishing, especially for your armpits` delicate skin. So whether you want to protect your body, or you simply forgot to apply deodorant and are desperately looking for a cure, then here are some other things to slap on your underarms that will leave you smelly sweet. A steady trickle of people set out for Florida in homemade deodorant with coconut oil boats that were sometimes as rudimentary as the inner tubes of tires. Baking soda was irritating to my skin, but it did work for me, so I decided to try again. Apparently I do.) I kept torturing my sad little arm pits with the homemade deodorant from… you know where.
Everyone is worried about the breast cancer risk tentatively associated with deodorant use. Coconut oil melts at 76°, so if your home is pretty warm, you will need to refrigerate it to keep it solid. For years, I`ve combined coconut oil with arrow root, tea tree oil, and baking soda to make my own deodorant.
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